District Training Seminar includes interesting topics to the members of District Leadership. There will be hands-on practices concerning learning materials, use of Social Media, delivering messages, and capturing the audience.The seminar will be useful for district trainers, members of the training committee, members of any other district committees interested in training and/or training Rotarians on different topics, Rotary Leadership Institute faculty, DGs, club trainers – in brief, any Rotarian or Rotaractor interested in this topic.

Program for District Training Seminar (DTS)

Thursday September 10th
13:30 Opening session: “From Idea to Action” – Highlights about Membership, Public image and the Rotary Foundation
14:15 Break / transition to training room
14:30 Welcome
Your role
What first time trainers need to know – review of resources
15:45 Break
16:00 Chair Lena Mjerskaug together with RPIC Johanna Talikainen
Rotary Training Events – Understand the Why, When and How
Rotary Online Learning
Webinars & Teleconferences
17:00 Wrap up
19:00 Dinner
Friday September 11th
08:55 Opening remarks
09:00 Chair Lena Mjerskaug together PRID Ann-Britt Åsebol
Best Practices for Adult Learners
09:45 Plan Your Training Events
10:45 Break
11:00 Plan Your Curriculum
12:15 Visit by RIP Holger and Susanne Knaack and RID Virpi and Matti Honkala
Takeaways: Questions and Answers and Evaluation
Institute Chair Leila Risteli to give out the Certificates
12:30 Lunch