Welcome to the Intercity Meeting of District 1385 and to the World of Astronomical Nature Photographs!

The Intercity Meeting of District 1385 will be held at the hotel Radisson Blu on Tuesday, September 8th 2020 starting at 18.00.

We will first have a word from our District Governor DG Venanzia Rizzi after which we will be introduced to the world of Astronomical Nature Photographs by the world famous photographer J-P Metsävainio.

J-P Metsävainio is a Finnish visual artist and an impassionate astronomical photographer. He is using scientific equipments and methods to reveal the nocturnal world of wonders and the revealed cosmic energy works as a tool for his art.

The final artworks are free from the burden of the complex techniques behind them. In his works the art meets science in a most beautiful way.

Several museums and cities have Metsävainio’s art in their collections around the world. His photographs are used widely in various publications and also in scientific purposes (users including NASA!). Metsävainio has also developed several new techniques for astronomical photographing and has been a highly valued speaker in various conferences and events around the world.

You are all warmly welcome!

18.00 Intercity meeting and introduction to Astronomical Nature Photographs
19.00 Intercity dinner

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NB! Please register by September 3rd, 2020!

For more information regarding Astronomical Nature Photographs please visit https://astroanarchy.blogspot.com/